Ricardo Allen, the Falcons’ starting free safety, described his thoughts on the play.

Scott Kazmir, who currently plays for the Dodgers but was raised in Houston, is contributing to multiple organizations. Kazmir is donating $10k each to the Houston SPCA, the Coalition for Homeless, and the Houston Food Bank.

From a New York Giants perspective, I’d guess you’re surprised that after eight months the offense looked as bad as it did. Even without Odell Beckham Jr. it should have been more functional than it was in Sunday’s 19-3 loss.

Many people questioned the Jets signing a kicker coming off a bad year in Arizona. Even more questioned the Jets when Catanzaro made the roster despite being outkicked by Ross Martin in training camp.

His teammate and fellow cornerback Robert Alford told SB Nation what he saw unfold.

On the deep ball, I was on my man, Alford said. I turned around and I just saw that the ball was overthrown and that he caught it.

We’ve been getting pressure the whole night, Allen said. The defensive line has been killing. So I guess [Rodgers] was trying to get the ball out of his hands, and he went at one of the wrong ones, I think.

The confidence in his strength is what allows him to reach the second level of the defense so quickly. This is something rare that you see in running backs with 4.5 speed. This is because they can get to the edge, and that is where they get the most yards. Fournette can do both. He can hit the linebackers with force and keep his feet moving and the has the ability and quickness to get to the edge and gain another 20 yards on the outside.

This next clip shows how quick he can find the smallest hole and then uses his speed burst to gain positive yardage.
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