49ers bringing in linebacker Korey Toomer for a visit

We’ve reached the filling in the blanks phase of free agency, and the 49ers are still thinking about a few additions before the draft.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the 49ers are bringing Chargers linebacker Korey Toomer in for a visit.

Hitter ratings account for the opposing starting pitcher’s history (three years’ worth), as well as ballpark factors. “LH” and “RH” ratings account only for left- and right-handed batters, respectively.

Weighted on-base average (wOBA) is the primary statistic used in the calculation. Ratings range from 1 to 10, with 10 representing the best possible matchup, statistically speaking, and 1 representing the worst. For example, a 10 is a must-start rating, while a 1 should be avoided (if possible); a 1-2 is poor, 3-4 is fair, 5-6 is average, 7-8 is very good and 9-10 is excellent.

I’ve had a complicated relationship with the Wonderlic test. At one point in the ever-evolving life cycle of PFT, I aspired to get the Wonderlic scores, to report them, and to shine the brightest light on the players who, based on the scores, weren’t the brightest bulbs.

But then at some point I realized some things about the Wonderlic. First, plenty of players don’t know about the test. Second, plenty don’t care. Third, the scores don’t mean squat when it comes to assessing football scores. Fourth, the NFL should apply the highest level of secrecy and confidentiality to these numbers, out of respect to the players who are voluntarily submitting to these tests as part of an extended job interview that culminates not in the players picking their first NFL destinations but in their first NFL destinations picking them.

Last week at an NFL owners meeting in Orlando, Florida, the league presented an analysis on the potential impact of sports betting legalization. The findings reportedly came from a study that had been in the works for more than a year and kept under wraps. One source familiar with the league’s analysis said it was focused on revenue opportunities, integrity issues and fan reaction, if sports betting becomes legal outside of Nevada.

Meanwhile, construction has begun on the new stadium in Las Vegas. Bernhard has a commemorative shovel with the team logo on the spade from the groundbreaking ceremony propped up in a corner of his office. He’s just down the hallway from the executive boardroom that hosted the first meeting with Davis and up a flight of stairs from the classroom where he met McCallum.

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