The Bengals quarterback had not and spun away, though did through an incomplete pass.

Stanton said he spoke to new Marlins leader Derek Jeter about the direction of the franchise after the former Yankee shortstop’s ownership group took over. Stanton thought the club had a good lineup and needed to add pitching. Jeter thought the club needed to subtract assets to rebuild.

“When I signed up in Miami I wanted things to work out, and I had a good vision there,” Stanton said. “But sometimes things spiral out of place and you need to find a new home.”

Overzealous officiating is ruining the game Because the NFL has tried to officiate safety into the game, we see players afraid to play defense. There were two examples in Monday’s game. Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree wrapped up Dalton, but let him go when he thought Dalton released the ball.

Sunday toward the end of an early afternoon laugher between the Patriots and Bills, star tight end Rob Gronkowski grew frustrated by what he considered to be uncalled holding and directed his anger at Bills rookie defensive back Tre’Davious White. At the time, White was flat on his stomach, just beginning to rise from the ground. Gronkowski came in long after the play had been whistled dead, leaped forward with his full body weight and drove his left elbow into White’s helmet. From behind.

Because as disturbing as the hits by Smith-Schuster and Iloka were, they were maybe a 7.8 on the WTF meter compared to Gronk going Shane Stant on White and scoring a 9.9. That the NFL would attempt to put Monday’s events in the same category is the worst piece of league-office maneuvering we’ve seen since “Thursday Night Football” was invented.lakers_012

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