Saints sprinting along rare path toward Super Bowl contention

Maybe Trey Wingo is onto something.

Saints fans should certainly hope so.

Huge wins for the Eagles, Rams and Saints lent further credence to talk of them going deep into the playoffs.

In the AFC, the balance of power in the South tilted further toward the Titans and Jaguars, and the Raiders look to have the best hope of catching the Chiefs in the West.

Here’s a look at some of the best local headlines from Sunday’s slate:

Brockers: Rams going to get even better: If you thought the Rams had reached their ceiling with a 51-17 demolition of the Giants, you should think again, at least according to defensive lineman Michael Brockers. “I love where this team is right now because we’re 6-2, and we know we can get better,” Brockers said.

Westbrook is a domineering personality, and George content to go with the flow. But Westbrook has often spent time in the locker room after games emphasizing to George to be an aggressive, assertive player. Because what will make the relationship blossom, like Westbrook and Durant before, is mutual trust and confidence in the other.

What hangs over all of it is, once again, an unknown future. Westbrook’s is locked down, but the ticking clock on George’s free agency leaves an eggshell element to all of it. Each loss feels like an indictment, and if the Thunder continue to fumble their way along, all the fishing and bonding won’t be enough. But Westbrook has committed to making it work, and work in Oklahoma City, because Durant’s departure personally stung him.nike_steelers_2105

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