Defensively, it’s mostly on Bobby Wagner and the run defense.

I expect it to be someone from the Red Sox-Cardinals-Giants contingent. St. Louis and San Francisco showed how invested they are in acquiring a big bat when they spent five weeks in a futile pursuit of Giancarlo Stanton. Maybe they take a plunge into the free-agent market or resurrect talks with Miami with a focus on Marcell Ozuna or Christian Yelich. The Red Sox aren’t necessarily in panic mode after the Yankees acquired Stanton, but you have to think they have a greater sense of urgency to add a bat along the lines of a J.D. Martinez or Eric Hosmer now that New York’s lineup features two players who combined for 111 homers in 2017. — Jerry Crasnick

McAdoo, who became the 17th head coach in Giants history in 2016, ends his tenure with a 13-15 regular-season record (0-1 in playoffs), not including the two years he served as offensive coordinator under former coach Tom Coughlin. Reese, who was promoted to GM in 2007, started with the franchise as a college scout in the mid-1990s before working his way up in the scouting department.

Seattle is a two-trick team at the moment. Offensively, it’s all on Russell Wilson and the passing game.

Seattle saw Arizona rise recently with Carson Palmer under Bruce Arians, and before then, Colin Kaepernick under Jim Harbaugh had been their toughest threat in West. But with Goff and McVay here to stay together for longer than those pairings have, Wilson and Pete Carroll — with a coaching counterpart now less than half his age — face a legitimate contender to take their five-year division dominance away from them.

While his Seahawks are shorthanded elsewhere, Wilson needs to be his explosive and efficient best to lift both sides off the ball. Carroll can’t afford the few lapses he had in the Falcons and Redskins losses. Wilson gives them a chance in every game, and he probably will deserve a lot more MVP consideration if the Seahawks finish 11-5 and win the division.

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