NFL owners call special meeting to extend Roger Goodell’s contract as feud with Jerry Jones percolates

NFL owners have denied fellow owner Jerry Jones’ request for a special meeting to discuss the pending contract of commissioner Roger Goodell and instead are planning a special session at the league’s Dec. 13 meetings in Irving, Texas, according to reports.

Jones’ request for a special meeting came by way of a letter addressed to Goodell and is part of his effort to halt negotiations toward Goodell’s renewal, the Wall Street Journal reports. The letter was sent Thursday, a day after Jones was warned to cease his campaign against the commissioner.

Some owners find that package being sought Goodell to be “unseemly” and “offensive”, but no new formal offers have come from either side after the two mentioned above.

Morgan recounted for People magazine what it was like to see her husband catch an 83-yard touchdown pass against the Giants, only hours after they’d kissed their son goodbye in the hospital.

“It was very, very emotional watching him out there,” Morgan said. “Seeing him score the touchdown and watching him get emotional after the game. I was crying. It was an amazing moment, but it was also a very sad moment.”

“I look at every day as a new opportunity in making it the best Iwith what I’m given and what I’m told to do. But inside of my control, that’s all I’ve got is working hard and continuing to perform at the best possible level I can,” Gordon said. “Anything outside of that is outside of my control. Staying optimistic.”broncos_089-500x500

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