Needed Game 7 wins in the first round in both 1991 and 1992 to advance

The greatest team of the Lemieux-Jagr duo won an NHL-record 17 straight games from March 9-April 10 to finish with a league-best 119 points. Four different Penguins (Lemieux, Kevin Stevens, Rick Tocchet and Ron Francis) scored at least 100 points, with Jagr at 94.

It also didn’t help that others’ attempts to listen to players’ concerns were awkward and/or tone deaf. Bills owner Terry Pegula complimented Anquan Boldin for his message about police brutality, but called the receiver “Antwan.” He also said the NFL could use a spokesperson like Boldin on social issues because it couldn’t be “white owner but needs to be someone who’s black.”

Both teams are looking way up at the Eagles in the NFC East, and the loser has a long, difficult path as midseason approaches. Knowing well in advance that Ezekiel Elliott is available will help the Cowboys. Possibly being down two key offensive linemen (Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff) does Washington no good. Neither does the fact that the Cowboys have won four straight in Washington, including Dak Prescott’s first career win last season.

Deshaun Watson has been great, but it has to be pretty worrisome that Houston is 3-4 despite Watson’s play. The biggest concern is they’ve lost three games when scoring 30 or more points this season. They had three such losses in their franchise history prior to this season.

Can the Bills keep winning with such little production from their wide receivers? Their receivers rank last in receptions (45) and yards (594), and eventually Buffalo could need them to make some plays.flames_083

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