Carolina Panthers Jersey Film Analysis: The Shovel Option

The Carolina Panthers have had issues running the football on traditional run plays all year long. We saw these problems continue yesterday, as the Detroit Lions did an excellent job of stopping the Panthers on the ground, holding them to just 28 yards rushing. The Lions were able to stop the Panthers from effectively running the football because their interior linemen did a great job of clogging up the interior run lanes, while their edge defenders and linebackers stayed disciplined on the edge to prevent any cutbacks.

The Carolina Panthers are slowly bringing back option elements into their offense every week. As Cam Newton continues to recover from his off-season shoulder surgery, it will be interesting to see how the Panthers balance their offense with traditional runs and option runs moving forward.

After passing for just four touchdowns with five interceptions and three fumbles through Chicago’s first four games, the Bears have finally seen enough out of Mike Glennon. Head coach John Fox will give rookie Mitch Trubisky a shot under center in his first career start on Monday night.

Yahoo Sports has the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers in its top five. The Eagles took care of business at home against the Arizona Cardinals, and the Panthers — led by quarterback Cam Newton — are on a two-game winning streak.

The Eagles moved up in ESPN’s power rankings, too. They were No. 8 last week but moved up to No. 4. The Panthers and Patriots also climbed up this list after their respective Week 5 victories.

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